black and white headshot of Melanie Bradshaw. She has long silver hair, a white shirt and spakly bracelet

Helping You

navigate Your
Path to Success

failure is not an option

Success is not just obtaining a certain degree, title or how many numbers there are in my annual salary. For me, success has been maintaining a healthy marriage, raising 2 great kids, and being able to do life on my terms and be able to be pivot when needed/desired.

Have mountains gotten in my way?

Sure, they get in everybody’s way, but I developed grit and exhibited resilience when the odds were stacked against me.

I have refused to let failure be an option.

You can either make excuses, or you can make a path forward. I’ve taken plenty of steps back, but here I am, still moving ahead, and the best is yet to come. Maybe some of my experience and knowledge can help you too.

titles I've held In 30+ Years

Marketing Assistant
Marketing/PR Director
Graphic Designer
Outside Printing Sales
Laid-Off Worker
Elementary Teacher
High School Teacher
Empty Nester
Labor & Delivery Nurse
ER Nurse
Trauma  Coordinator
Cancer Survivor

I can help you piece together the puzzle

over 30 years of communications and Personal Reinvention Experience, including marketing, changing careers, going back to school, leadership, relationships, and more.