Hi, I’m Melanie Bradshaw.

I’ve been a scrappy “go-getter” since my sophomore year in college when I had to do life all on my own.

I worked numerous jobs including cleaning apartments after students moved out (with the reek of stale beer and no electricity in Texas heat), lifeguarding at a water amusement park, and waiting tables to make ends meet on 59 cent burritos and ramen.

Another city, a marriage, and a baby later, I was forced to change majors after studying commercial art after 4 years when my new college wouldn’t accept the majority of my courses for transfer credits. I then pursued a degree in speech communications, and after graduation, I landed my first professional job as a marketing assistant at an area hospital.

Just 6 months later, I interviewed for a position as a PR/Marketing/Advertising Director at a software firm. I faked my way through the interview, knowing I could learn what I needed to in record time. If I could believe in myself, then I could make others believe in me.

After getting an offer for the position, I immediately went to a bookstore and bought textbooks in marketing, advertising, and public relations. Needless to say, I learned the equivalent of a degree in record time and stayed at that job for 2 years before leaving to offer my services in marketing consulting.

In 2001, I had to pivot again when the 9/11 attacks caused a rapid decline in the US economy, and I found myself laid off. Of course (sarcasm), my family and I had just moved to a new house, and I needed a job…fast.

I became a substitute teacher and went to night classes at a local community college to obtain my alternative teaching certificate. The gig was so good for a working mom, that I served as a public-school teacher for 11 more years, 8 of which I spent teaching high school graphic design, speech communications, and advising a yearbook staff.

Fast-forward to 2014 when I decided to reinvent myself…on MY TERMS this time, knowing that an empty nest was in my near future. I left teaching and went to nursing school in the Texas Medical Center. Upon graduation, I worked as a registered nurse in labor and delivery and then in a local emergency room.

2021 was a year like no other.

Here’s a quick timeline:

  • Jan 3 – Oversized pickup runs into the back of my brand new SUV with less than 1K miles.
  • Jan 17 – My mom gets admitted for Covid pneumonia. My dad refuses to go to the hospital.
  • Jan 22 – I test positive for Covid. My dad reluctantly agrees to be admitted. I already know it’s too late.
  • Feb 5 – My father passes from complications due to Covid.
  • Feb 16 – The city literally freezes and the National Cemetery closes for safety reasons. His funeral is cancelled.
  • Feb 26 – My father is finally laid to rest.
  • April 27 – I start a new job in nursing education and community outreach.
  • July 29 – My mammogram comes back suspicious.
  • Aug 19 – I am diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • Sept 15 – I have a double mastectomy.
  • Oct 16 – Another surgery to get more tissue
  • Jan, 2022 – My final reconstruction process is complete and I am cancer free.

Yeah, that sucked.

Anyway, this website is the product of 30+ years of personal and professional experience. I’m hoping that my knowledge might benefit you too!

Feel free to follow me on Linkedin if you’ve ever other there.